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Alan has been fully approved by the Irish Aviation Authority to carry out aerial photography and videography operations and is also a member of the Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland.

Services available include;

• Landscape Photography & Cinematography

• Location, Business & Event Promotion

• Weddings

• Sports & Outdoor Pursuits

• TV, Movie & Internet

• Estate Agency, Architectural Planning

• Special Commissions

RAW footage can be supplied in multiple formats if you require it as part of a larger project.


Due to the amount of planning and variables involved in carrying out commercial aerial work, pricing can only be determined per job. I will be happy to give a no obligation quote if you have aerial work that you would like me to carry out.

Just get in touch, let me know the location(this will help determine if the area is in controlled or uncontrolled airspace), the date(or range of dates) you need the work carried out,  a description of the work(photos, video or both and what you want included in the photos or video) and any specific requirements you have.

I will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible!

Why Hire A Qualified Drone Operator?

• Insurance, it is not possible to obtain insurance for aerial operations without first being approved by the IAA, therefore, when you hire a qualified Drone Operator you have the peace of mind knowing that the operation will be insured. If you hire an unqualified Drone Operator then it's safe to assume they do not have insurance that will cover drone operations. Always ask your Drone Operator to see their insurance and their Special Operating Permission as issued by the IAA.

• Drone Operators, who are approved by the Irish Aviation Authority, can apply for special exemptions and for permission to fly within controlled airspace which gives them a much greater freedom when carrying out aerial operations.

• Qualified Drone Operators will have completed an approved ground school course, exam and flight skill test and will have all the tools to be able to plan and carry out a successful, safe and legal operation.

• Experience and quality. Qualified Drone Operators will all have a higher level of experience and with experience comes a higher quality end result.

Irish Airspace Map

Click the map image below to access the interactive Irish Airspace map.

Areas of Red, Orange and Yellow are all controlled airspace and require a Qualified Drone Operator, who has applied for permission. It is not legal or safe for anyone other than Qualified Drone Operators to operate in these areas.

Waterford City Sunrise
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Tankardstown Panoramic
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